48: Set up your Recycling Area

Recycling is a terrific way to help reduce the amount of trash you dump in the landfill, but without proper planning piles of old newspaper and plastic containers can sure mess up your home or office. This episode shares ideas of how to set up a recycling area to hold everything in nice, neat bins.


SHOW SCRIPT – 48: Set up your recycling area and begin collecting

Recycling BinsHello my fellow green lifestyle friends, I’m C S. So glad you can join me today. This weeks topic is 3 ways to reduce trash and prevent tons of trash from entering your local landfill.

In episode 47 we covered Step 1: How to perform a quick and fun trash audit and today we are covering step 2 how-to set up your recycling area and step 3 start collecting.

Let’s talk about step 2 how-to set up your recycling area:

  • First determine what can be recycled in your community. Call your local transfer station or check their website to see what they accept. Also many communities provide a poster or flyer showing all the items they accept for recycling and you can use it as a resource.
  • If you have items you community won’t accept, check out TerraCycle.com they are company that offers collection program for many non recyclable items.
  • Next Choose an area in your home to hold your recycling bins. One of my friends build a recycling area in his garbage to comfortably hold each bin.
  • Make or buy a bin to hold each category (Glass, Cans, Paper, Cardboard, etc.) These categories are determined based on what type of recycling you generate, how much and how often it gets picked up or you head to the local transfer station or recycling center. TIP: Choose containers that hold more than you’ll normally need. This way you won’t be stuck with a mound of overflowing items. This way they only have to take one trip per month, saving them time and gas money.

Step 3: START COLLECTING, have fun collecting and seeing the amazing impact you are having on reducing the amount of trash you are keeping out of your local landfill.

You’ll be amazing at how many items you really can recycle: Aluminum, Paper & Paperboard, Cardboard, Glass jam jars, beer and wine bottles, shampoo bottles, soda and beer cans, plastic water bottles, phone books, magazines, Plastic take out containers, and so much more.

Plus please Note: Plastic is one of the most important items to recycle because it takes thousands of years to disintegrate and decompose.

I hope you’ve found these recommendations useful and are inspired to take action so together we can enjoy a greener, cleaner lifestyle.

Today’s Simple Green Up Action Step is to set up your recycling area and begin collecting. Report back to us and share your progress 🙂

Stay tuned, next week’s topic is How-to Swim in an Ocean of Plastic.

In the meantime, go to Greener by Choice to  download your Simple Green Up Tool Kit 3 Ways to Reduce Trash and prevent tons of trash from entering your local landfill.

I’ll see you in the next episode, until then enjoy your day and the world around you.



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