51: Take the Plastic Free Challenge


SaveOurShores.org states that ”80% of plastic pollution that enters the ocean originates from land. Common sources include: recreational beach users, people who drop litter on sidewalks and streets, plastics manufacturers and transporters, illegal dumping, and areas with inadequate trash receptacles. All land-based plastic pollution has the potential to become ocean pollution. Plastics easily blow into the ocean or washed down storm drains that flow directly to the Bay, and oceans around the world.” Discover 3 Ways to help protect Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles, and Fish.

“Ocean pollution affects over 267 species worldwide, including 86% of sea turtle species, 44% of all sea bird species, and 43% of marine mammal species.”

Human consumption of plastic is spiraling out of control. We are using a material that technically lasts forever to manufacture items we use for less than 30 minutes. For example: plastic shopping bags, beverage bottles, plastic cups, eating utensils, etc. Discover what you can do to protect marine mammals, turtles, and fish.


Download the full Simple Green Up Toolkit: Simple Ways to Protect Marine Mammals, Turtles, and Fish.


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