56: Hergonomics™ with Ann Adams and Liz Brensinger


Talking HergonoAnn & Liz w HERS Green Heron Toolsmics™ with Ann Adams and Liz Brensinger owners of Green Heron Tools. Discover why these tools designed specially for women are easiest, safest, more comfortable, and most effective for women.

Let’s Face it, Women’s bodies are different from men’s and our tools should be, too. Ladies, this means no more struggling with heavy cumbersome tools that are hard to use. Listen to this podcast to learn more and visit www.greenherontools.com to check out their amazing tools.


Ann Adams & Liz Brensinger are founders and co-owners of Green Heron Tools, LLC, the first company in the world dedicated to scientifically designing agricultural tools and equipment appropriate for women. Avid organic gardeners, they spent 15+ years as small-scale farmers prior to starting Green Heron Tools. With master’s degrees in nursing (Ann) and public health education (Liz), they have researched the tool-related needs and preferences of women gardeners and farmers throughout the U.S. and presented numerous workshops to gardeners and farmers. Their company has received two USDA Small Business Innovation Research grants, the first of which funded development of HERShovel, a hybrid shovel-spade designed specifically for women. They hope to introduce a safer, more user-friendly alternative to the walk-behind rototiller in 2015.

Green Heron Tools, LLC
High-quality tools, gear, equipment & apparel for women farmers & gardeners

Ann Adams & Liz Brensinger, owners
6239 Schochary Rd.
P.O. Box 71
New Tripoli, PA 18066

Customer service  (610) 844-5232





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