58: Why are you shopping this holiday season?


Why are you spending so much time out shopping this holiday season? That’s a silly question,  Cause you love your family and friends and want to buy them special gifts they can cherish for years to come.

But would you agree, it’s also important to buy from reputable companies that treat their employees fairly, sell quality products produced in an ethical manner, and of course a company that cares about their impact on the community and world around them.

I just received an email from Green America who has a mission to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

The email is to remind us that “Amazon.com may be the #1 online retailer in the world, but when it comes to sustainable practices this company is at the bottom of the barrel. Amazon won’t even track its carbon emissions and has no plan to reduce them, and its warehouse workers make less than Walmart’s. If you plan to shop online for your loved ones this season, choose a responsible company that cares about the quality of the products they sell you, their employees, and the impact they have on the earth.”

Here are some amazing alternatives to Amazon:

Ecoplum – ecoplum.com

Is the green shopping rewards site with eco friendly products and green living ideas that makes it fun, easy and reward to go green. Featured them in episode # 52

Powell’s powells.com

Books, Audio Books, DVDs

Operates a fleet of biodiesel-powered trucks, purchases wind power, and generates electricity from solar panels on their roof.


Better World Books betterworldbooks.com

Books, e-books, DVDs

By circulating previously owned merchandise,has recycled over 216 million pounds of books and offset 44,000 tons of carbon emissions.


Viva Terra vivaterra.com

Eco home décor, accessories,artisan goods

Offers a wide range of organic, all-natural, fair-trade, artisan-made, recycled, chemical-free products, all made in the USA.


Etsy etsy.com

Artisan-made crafts, jewelry, art

Connects shoppers directly with sellers of artisan-made crafts, jewelry, and art. Robust environmental reporting program ensures the company minimizes their resource use and carbon footprint.

Ten Thousand Villages tenthousandvillages.com

Fair Trade arts and crafts, jewelry, music, food

Handmade art, jewelry, and textiles are focused on providing equitable returns to artisans in developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.


Terra Experience terraexperience.com

Fair Trade Mayan arts and crafts

Supports environmental education in supplier countries, uses energy efficient technologies, post-consumer recycled paper, hybrid vehicles, and website hosted by 100% wind power.


Worldfinds worldfinds.com

Fair Trade gifts

All products are handmade, often locally, and are shipped using recycled paper, packaging material, and boxes.


Indigenous indigenous.com

Fair Trade/Eco Clothing

Makes high-quality clothing honoring both the people and the planet from natural and organic fibers such as cotton, silk, wool, alpaca, and Tencel; committed to using environmentally-friendly dyes.


Maggie’s Organics maggiesorganics.com

Fair Trade, organic clothing

All clothes are made with certified organic fibers, fair labor practices, using low-carbon production methods.

Equal Exchange equalexchange.coop

Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate

Imports organic coffee, tea, chocolates, candy bars, cocoa, sugar, nuts, cereal bars, bananas, and olive oil. Helps sustain 75 farmer co-ops in 30 countries.


Green Pages Online greenpages.org

Everything green—home décor, clothing, jewelry and beyond. Thousands of great gift ideas!

The over 3,000 businesses listed on GreenPages.org have undergone a rigorous certification for social and environmental sustainability.

There are better ways to shop online. Download Green America’s cheat sheet with direct links to each website:




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