Greener by Choice Water Bottle

The Healthiest Water Bottle… You’ll ever drink from

Stop exposing yourself or your kids to toxic plastic water bottles. These new Greener by Choice™ water bottles are crafted from high quality, safe, food service grade stainless steel.

  • No plastic touching your water. Even the plug is stainless steel
  • No Bisphenol-A (BPA) to leach into your drink
  • No chemical lining like aluminum bottles

Plus, another benefit of service grade stainless steel is it is resistant to corrosion and staining and has antibacterial properties.

What also sets this drink bottle apart from the others is it’s made from 60% recycled stainless steel.

Do your part to keeping more waste out of the landfills. 

Order 2 bottles today – one for you and one for a friend. Only $24.98 each and FREE SHIPPING.




The average American puts 4.7 lbs of trash in the landfill each day. All this trash is poisoning our land and water. As The Green Up Girl, my team and I provide tips to REDUCE the trash you throw away, ways to REUSE what you already have, and pointers to RECYCLE and save resources.


Let’s team up and reduce the amount of trash we put in the landfills by 60%.


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Enjoy your day and the world around you,

C S WurzbergerThe Green Up Girl